Paris Exclusive TO the first mineral, marine  entirely organic cosmetic brand

This brand represents a new, unique and innovative range of organic cosmetic, spa and marine products.

The developpement of our products fulfill the demand of the organic and ecologic product consumers and are therefore certified ECOCERT Greenlife according to the reference ECOCERT available on  and have the label COSMEBIO.

Our products are adapted to any type of skin, even for the most sensitive ones.

The values of Paris Exclusive Cosmetics

The ocean - vital source for the Human being

Seaweeds - a coctail of energy

Benefits - for the body and the spirit

                 Paris Exclusive Cosmetics Skin Care

A lover of the sea and of beauty, Tatiana Söll has been inspired by her deep respect for nature to
create a new brand of organic marine beauty products: Paris Exclusive TO.
Her challenge was to combine organic and thalasso,ocean and luxury, while remaining true to the
ethical values of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Developed in collaboration with doctors, chemists,biologists and algologists, these luxury products
have been specially designed to care for the most sensitive skin and to re-activate natural cellular
mechanisms with genuine benefits for your skin’s condition and appearance.