The expertise of our organic marine care

Paris Exclusive TO products are a skilful blend of land and sea, combining 15 species of fresh marine algae with 20 plants awarded Ecocert labels for ecological and organic production.These red, brown, blue and green marine algae are cocktails of energy, rich in minerals and trace-elements. They are harvested from the unique natural site of the Iroise Sea, off the coast of Ushant and the Molene Archipelago (western Brittany), a protected biosphere reserve renowned for the richness of its marine life. The sea is constantly churned by strong currents which oxidise its waters and ensure the unfailing purity of the algae used in these products.


The thematics and the virtue of organic marine cosmetic

Relaxation : anti-stress & relaxation

  • attributes : relax and the fight against stress
  • care : hydration and anti-stress effect

Detoxification : energy & slimmer 

  • attributes : slimming, draining and rediscover energy
  • care : regrowth of balance and slimming

Beauty: anti-aging care

  • attributes : nourish, protect, smooth and favorise the synthesis of the support fibers
  • care : beauty and youth of the cells, firmness of the skin tissue

Organic care of Paris Exclusive

With Paris Exclusive Cosmetics, you can prolong the beauty benefits of the sea by using its products at home, creating a natural and organic thalasso spa in your own bathroom. A variety of face and body products are available, offering a host of treatments – anti-ageing, cleansing, radiance-boosting, detoxifying, slimming, hydrating, relaxing…The bodycare range has been designed for both men and women.Paris Exclusive Cosmetics bears the stamp of its creator’s personality: respect for nature, vitality and a love of creativity and beauty.

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